Cyclists Welcome in Oak Bay

July 10, 2014



Thursday, July 10, 2014, Oak Bay, B.C……The corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Hampshire Road is home now to Oak Bay’s first bike corral providing bike parking for up to 8 bikes making it more convenient for the growing number of cyclists to spend time in Oak Bay enjoying the interesting array of dining and shopping options. An initiative that was sparked by Oak Bay’s Parks and Recreation Commission, the location for the bike corral was chosen by the Oak Bay Business Improvement Association and is curbside on the west side of Hampshire Road. It assumes the location of one vehicle parking spot and offers good visibility for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We are proud to introduce the first of what we hope will be several bike corrals located in key business areas in Oak Bay,” said Councillor Michelle Kirby who is council liaison for Oak Bay’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC), a 10 person citizen volunteer committee that contributes advice and guidance to Council for cycling and pedestrian improvements in Oak Bay. “Providing convenient and secure bicycle parking for our residents and visitors who cycle in our community is an important part of the ATAC’s planning work.”

“The bike corral not only encourages cyclists to stop and shop in Oak Bay, it positions cycling as a convenient and preferred mode of transportation,” explained Kris Nichols, ATAC’s advisory chair. “Cycling promotes good health and is much more environmentally friendly than vehicles. The objective of the bike corral is to make it easier for people to choose their bike over their car when heading to Oak Bay village.”

“At the cost of $1572.00, installing a bike corral is a relatively inexpensive and efficient means of increasing both public and private parking capacity for the community as a whole,” said Nils Jensen, Oak Bay Mayor and an avid cyclist. “We are hoping that this first bike corral will be a catalyst for additional bike-friendly investments both private and public. More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of making provision for their employees and clients who choose to cycle to their place of business.”

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