Rocks & Obstructions on Boulevards

The District’s Bylaw Enforcement Officer has recently hand-delivered guidance to residents to help educate them about their responsibilities related to the Streets and Traffic Bylaw and boulevards adjacent to private property.

The bylaw defines a boulevard as “…that portion of a street other than a roadway or sidewalk.”  The bylaw also describes a public place as “…any place to which the public has access as of right or by invitation, express or implied.”  Boulevards are municipal property, which falls under the definition of a public place.

Many residents have placed obstacles such as rocks, pieces of concrete or pieces of wood in the municipal boulevard, presumably to prevent access to vehicles.  Placing these obstacles is not allowed under the Streets and Traffic Bylaw.

Objects on the roads or the boulevards, especially in areas where the streets do not have gutters, curbs or sidewalks, represent an increased level of risk for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

If you are interested in making improvements to the boulevard adjacent to your property, including through irrigation systems or plantings, this can be done using a boulevard encroachment agreement.  The guidelines related to boulevard encroachment agreements are captured in the Streets and Traffic Bylaw.  Please note that any proposed solid objects (such as plants) must be kept a minimum distance away from the paved road surface, approximately the width of a vehicle.  

Residents can reach out to Engineering Services staff in person or by phone at 250-598-3311 if they have any further questions on boulevards and encroachment agreements.