Heritage Commission

Committee Description: 

The Heritage Commission combines the former Heritage Committee and Heritage Advisory Panel into one entity.

As set out in Bylaw No. 4550, the mandate of the Commission is:

(1) to advise Council on such heritage matters as may be referred to it;

(2) to undertake or support projects and research relative to the architectural, cultural, documentary and natural heritage of the Municipality of Oak Bay, including, but not limited to, the maintenance of inventories of real property of heritage value, recommendations to Council regarding the content of the community heritage register, and the preparation and maintenance of a heritage strategic plan and heritage management plan, both of which are to be approved by Council;

(3) to promote heritage awareness and provide leadership in heritage initiatives;

(4) to advise Council on any matter related to the heritage significance of any building, structure or landscape feature within the Municipality of Oak Bay; and

(5) to make recommendations to the Municipal Council as to the annual allocation of funding from the municipal budget for the purpose of the Commission’s mandate.

The Commission also advises Council on specific referrals in the following categories: aspects of specific land redevelopment applications, proposals for heritage designation or preservation to be registered against title to real property, applications to alter designated or protected heritage structures; assessment of property subject to a temporary protection order, and regulatory initiatives pertaining to heritage conservation.

The Oak Bay Heritage Foundation is incorporated under the British Columbia Society Act. The Foundation raises funds for the conservation and restoration of heritage properties along with other community heritage initiatives.

Members of the Commission and Foundation are appointed by Council. The Council representative is a non-voting member and also acts as a liaison. Members include the Council liaison, Archives liaison and Building and Planning Dept staff. Experience in architecture, design or heritage conservation are assets for prospective members. (Applications should be directed to Oay Bay Council before Sept. 30 each year).

Meeting Schedule

The Heritage Commission and the Heritage Foundation meet on the second Tuesday of each month (except in August and Decemeber) in the Oak Bay Municipal Hall Chambers. The Heritage Foundation meets from 4:00 to 5:00 pm, while the Heritage Commission meets at 5:00 pm.


Heritage Plan

The Heritage Commission is in the process of developing a Heritage Plan for Oak Bay. The Heritage Plan will bring together those aspects of the current heritage program that are most successful and determine what needs to be refocused for maximum effectiveness.

After 1 Town Hall meeting , 2 recent focus group meetings on November 15 and 17, and over 100 online survey replies , many residents have expressed their views and identified 5 Community Heritage Values as the most important. This and other input from the community will form the basis of a new Heritage Plan, that will in conjunction with the new Official Community Plan for Oak Bay, guide development in the future.


Heritage Commission

  • Councillor Paterson, Liaison 
  • Bronwyn Taylor, Chair
  • Janice Appleby
  • Jane Hall
  • Cora Smith
  • Patricia Wilson

Heritage Foundation

  • Councillor Paterson, Liaison
  • Brita Harrison-Brooke
  • Jane Hall
  • Cassie Kangas
  • Jane Nielsen
  • Margaret Palmer
  • Susan Ross
  • Bronwyn Taylor
  • Robert Taylor
  • Sarah Taylor


  • Deborah Jensen, Manager of Planning, Staff Liaison


Meetings and Agendas: 

There are currently no posted meeting minutes or agendas for this committee.

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