1193 Beach Drive

The Henry Burt-Smith House is a one and one-half storey Tudor Revival style house on south Beach Drive.

Heritage Value: 

The architectural value of the Henry-Burt Smith House lies in its design by the prominent Victoria architect P.L. James. The house is notable for its relatively small size and scale in a streetscape of large estates. Within the popular Tudor Revival genre, James incorporated stylistic elements in an asymmetrical design with a steep, complex roofline to create an English-Tudor cottage.

Built in 1927 for Henry-Burt Smith, this home is important to the community as an example of a small scale quality residence built for one of Oak Bay’s retirees. Henry-Burt Smith was retired at the time of construction, and was a well-known resident of Oak Bay. Notable for its location on a major transportation route and within walking distance of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, the Oak Bay Marina and the Victoria Golf Club, this house reflects the development of homes on South Beach Drive close to recreational amenities.

Character Defining Elements: 
  • The close proximity of the house to Beach Drive.
  • Small scale and English-Tudor motif, linking this cottage to a streetscape of larger estates.
  • Tudor Revival design typified by the asymmetrical design, high-pitched roof with prominent chimneys, half-timbering with stucco, tall and narrow casement windows with small panes, small dormer windows and steep front facing gables.
  • Intact interior spatial configurations with small, irregularly-shaped rooms and sloping walls in rooms on upper floor.
  • Authentic (historic) interior detailing, such as the fir staircase and floors, fireplace mantles, architectural hardware, and leaded casement windows.
  • Mature oak trees on the property.
Identifying Names: 
The Henry Burt-Smith House
Marina Area
Oak Bay
Capital Region District