Fire Escape Planning

If a fire occurred in your home tonight, would your family get out safely? Everyone must know what to do and where to go when the smoke alarm sounds. Take a few minutes with everyone in your household to make a home fire escape plan, following the instructions below.

Home Escape Plan

  • Create a home fire escape plan showing 2 ways out of every room.  Practice your plan with your entire family by having a home fire drill at least twice a year, particularly at night since most deaths occur during sleeping hours.
  • Figure out how to easily exit windows. Is there a garage roof below? A nearby tree? Do you need an escape ladder?
  • Choose a family meeting place located a safe distance away from your home.  All family members should be taught to report to the family meeting place after leaving the home.
  • One person should then go to a neighbour’s house or the nearest phone in a safe location to contact 9-1-1.