L.I.F.E. = Leisure Involvement For Everyone

The LIFE program has been designed to provide healthy lifestyle opportunities for the residents of Oak Bay on limited incomes. LIFE is also available at all Greater Victoria Recreational Facilities.

How to Apply

To apply for the LIFE program simply bring the following to an Oak Bay Recreation Centre reception desk (Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Henderson Recreation Centre, or Monterey Recreation Centre):

LIFE Application form (pdf)

  1. Proof of current Oak Bay residency (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)
  2. Notices of Assessment (NOA)* for each applying adult (18 years and older)
  3. Every family member who needs an access card – we’ll be taking their photographs

*To obtain a copy of your NOA call Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281 or visit For those individuals under extenuating circumstances who are unable to clearly provide a NOA an Adjudicator Form [PDF - 434 KB] may be accepted in lieu on a case by case basis.

If you are applying for the LIFE 2021 Program, the following Low-income threshold numbers will be used (Per # of People in Household)

  • 1 = $25, 923
  • 2 = $36,660
  • 3 = $44, 900
  • 4 = $51,846
  • 5 = $57,966
  • 6 = $63,499
  • 7+ = $68,587

You’ll Receive: (Due to COVID-19 we are only able to offer one option regionally for the 2021 LIFE program):

  1. An access card with 52 single session admissions at any Greater Victoria recreation facility for each member of the household. Each LIFE member will also receive 4 discounts for registered courses. Each discount provides either 50% off a course $100 or less or $50 off a course over $100 with Recreation Oak Bay.

*If you use up all of your 52 admissions you can also use one of your 4 discounts to purchase a regular punch package and receive 50% off a punch package $100 or less or $50 off a punch package over $100 with Recreation Oak Bay.

2021 Changes due to COVID-19:

  1. You will need to have a client account with every Recreation Centre you wish to use your admissions at.
  2. You will need to convert a number of your 52 admission squares on your sticker to digital punches at the Recreation Centre you wish to use them at in order to register and participate.
  3. All activities are pre-registered during this time

For Example:

>Cross off 10 squares on your sticker and receive 10 digital punches on your client account to be able to preregister for 10 single session activities at Recreation Oak Bay (i.e. Fitness studio sessions, group fitness classes, swimming sessions, skating sessions, etc.) and then do the same thing with another municipality’s recreation centre to participate in their single session activities. Alternatively, if you anticipate only using Recreation Oak Bay you can allocate all 52 squares as punches at time of application.


  • Full-time post-secondary students are NOT eligible for the LIFE program. Spouses and dependents of students (that are not students themselves) are still eligible.
  • Discount coupons, drop-in admissions, and memberships are non-transferable and are not eligible for cash or credit.

Other Information:

  • Participants must have their picture taken for their LIFE card.
  • Replacement cards will be prorated by subtracting 4 visits/month from the date of issue up to the date card is replaced.

For more information please contact Reception at 250-595-7946