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Please Update Your Recreation Oak Bay Account Information!

At Recreation Oak Bay we are continuously looking for ways to improve our customer service and make our registration process as user friendly as possible. After using the same software for over 23 years, we have outgrown its capabilities and are moving to a new provider.

Thank-you to those who updated their account information with us prior to Monday, November 28 as you have been entered to WIN a Recreation Oak Bay Annual Pass! Our new software will be implemented and available to the public in April of 2017. A second draw for a Recreation Oak Bay Annual Pass will take place on the day we launch the new software. Please note that all submissions received (including the ones submitted prior to November 28) will be eligible for this second draw.

In order to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and accurate information, your account information will not be transferred to the new system and we will need to create a new account for every patron.

Help us create your new account by filling out the Update Account Information online form, or download a printable version and return it to Reception at Oak Bay, Henderson, or Monterey Recreation Centres (see link below).

We will strive to make the change-over as seamless as possible but please be patient with us while we make the transition.

Please fill in all the required fields* in the form below. You can also download a printable version [PDF - 480 KB] and hand it into Reception at Oak Bay, Henderson, or Monterey Recreation Centre.

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