Aquatic Swim Program Changes

Oak Bay Swim Program Lesson Changes

As the Canadian Red Cross winds down their Swimming & Water Safety and Lifeguard training to focus on surging humanitarian demands in other areas,

Recreation Oak Bay reflects on its long history of providing a variety of dynamicand inclusive Canadian Red Cross swimming and water safety programs to thecommunity. Upon this reflection, we see an opportunity to create something new and tailor made to enhance lives in our community, focusing on swimming as a skill to be continually enjoyed for a lifetime.

Starting in January, the Oak Bay Aquatics Team is excited to launch the new ‘Learn to Swim the Oak Bay Way’ program. This new program sees the revival of the Oak Bay Preschool levels, and a new Oak Bay school age Swim program. A ten-level program for ages 6-12, beginning with an Oak Bay Swim Intro level for those new to swimming and the pool. We continue to believe in the importance of water safety and have created a program that will continue to provide high quality swimming and water safety education, while providing us with the flexibility to tailor all levels to meet the needs of the community.
Swimming is a life skill, and you have your whole life to learn it! Come swim with us and learn to swim in a safe, welcoming, and fun environment.

Lesson Conversion Chart

Swim Chart conversion from Red Cross to Oak Bay Program

Red Cross Swim Preschol Oak Bay Preschool Program Red Cross Swim Kids Oak Bay School Age Program
Starfish Splish Splashers   Oak Bay Swim Intro
Duck Bubble Blowers Swim Kids 1 Oak Bay Swim Level 1
Sea Turtle Tiny Turtles Swim Kids 2 Oak Bay Swim Level 2
Sea Otter Tadpole Swim Kids 3 Oak Bay Swim Level 3
New to Salamander Guppy Swim Kids 4 Oak Bay Swim Level 4
Attempted Salamander Salamander Swim Kids 5 Oak Bay Swim Level 5
Sunfish Otter Swim Kids 6 Oak Bay Swim Level 6
Crocodile Dolphin Swim Kids 7 Oak Bay Swim Level 7
Whale Stingray Swim Kids 8 Oak Bay Swim Level 8
    Swim Kids 9/10 Oak Bay Swim Level 9

For full swim lesson descriptions please view the Aquatics Page under the Lessons Descriptions tabs for both Preschool and School-Age programs.