Phyllis Musseau

Portrait of Phyllis
Training Since: 
  • Yoga Instructor;
  • Pilates Mat Instructor;
  • Essentrics Agging Backwards Instructor;
  • Barre Instructor.


Training Philosophy: 

I encourage participants to accept themselves where they are at, yet gently challenging them.  I believe there is a balance and at times we need to push ourselves (within our range) and other times we need to ease off and be more gentle, but always being kind to our bodies.


Encouraging people to move mindfully and with proper alignment to get the best benefits.


The body has always fascinated me and  I wanted to offer  movement in a supportive and fun environment for everyone to participate. 

Favourite Quote

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly LIVE.   – Dali Lama