Corrinne Diachuk

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I offer a quiet, moving meditation with the invitation to get curious and follow the impulses towards what feels good in your own body. I encourage autonomy with the intention of building trust in the relationship you have with yourself. I believe we can find the healing we need within ourselves if we slow down, listen, and trust the messages we receive.


After experiencing chronic pain and being diagnosed with arthritis in my neck at the age of 33, I realized how much stress and tension I was holding in my body. I needed to become much more aware of myself, my posture, and my breath, as well as learn how to find a gentle strength. Yoga, and cultivating a bias towards what feels good in my body, has given me the tools to live with a chronic condition and still have a lot of pleasure, ease, and freedom in my life. It's a real gift for me to be able to share these practices with my students.

Favourite Quote
"I believe that people who are connected to their bodies are generally happier, healthier, and make more positive life choices."