Visual Arts

Oak Bay has a long history of being a destination for artists to live, work and create. Here are some of the current events, organizations, and contact for artists living or working in Oak Bay.

Oak Bay Artists Studio Tour -

Cancelled until further notice, due to the Public Health Orders.

Since 2000, Oak Bay Parks, Recreation & Culture has supported two annual Artist Studio Tours, allowing patrons to visit artists in their own homes/studios.

Call for Artists to exhibit at the Oak Bay Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Cancelled until further notice, due to the Public Health Orders.

Exhibition space for paintings, photographs (two-dimensional art only) is provided free of charge to promote artists and arts and culture groups. Artists and groups from Oak Bay and neighbouring municipalities may apply. The Neighbourhood Learning Centre can accommodate approximately 40 works of art, artwork must be approved as appropriate for viewers of all ages. Artwork will be exhibited for approximately 8-10 weeks.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact the Arts and Culture Programmer,, or (250) 370-7908.

Bowker Creek Brush-Up

Cancelled until further notice, due to the Public Health Orders.

Many artists gather to share the creative process every year along the shore of Bowker Creek. More information can be found at the Bowker Creek Brush Up page in the Event Calendar

Community Art Organizations

Oak Bay Community Artists Society

Founded in 2002, The Oak Bay Community Artists Society is a group of amateur, professional and emerging artists, living and working in Oak Bay in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC.  The Society has over 40 members, and sponsors Oak Bay's yearly outdoor summer arts show Bowker Creek Brush-Up.

Oak Bay Art Club

"The Oak Bay Art Club (OBAC) is a non-profit organization that is proud to have one of the longest running memberships on Vancouver Island. Originating in the 1940's, we have continued to be inclusive and attract a diverse group of people of varying ages and backgrounds, all with a common love and interest in painting and art in general. This approach has served us well and brought artists together to share, learn about and enjoy their passion."

Canadian Federation of Artists: Victoria Branch

“The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is a national organization founded in Kingston, Ontario in 1941 and now headquartered in Vancouver...The Victoria Chapter, with 125 members from Sooke to Lands End, and from Mill Bay to Saltspring and the Gulf Islands, offers regular programs and workshops designed to raise artistic standards by stimulating participants to greater heights of achievement. The Victoria Chapter includes notables such as Robert Bateman, Dorothy Oxborough, David Goatley, Catherine Moffat, Clement Kwan, Marcia Semenoff, Margot Clayton, Marney Ward, Peter Paterson, Mary Ann Laing and Anne Hudec.”

A Guide to Oak Bay Artists & Fine Art Artisans

This guide includes fifteen categories of Oak Bay artists to browse (e.g. Acrylic painting, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpting, Water Colour Painting, etc.)

Victoria Sketch Club

"Victoria Sketch Club is the oldest Canadian art group west of Ontario, which celebrated it’s 100th anniversary in 2009. Its story began when a little band of enthusiasts decided to form an arts society. The upshot was the Island Arts Club, comprising 56 Charter Members, including such names as Samuel Maclure and Emily Carr. The Island Arts and Crafts Society, as it became known, dominated the local art scene throughout the inter-War period. By 1935 it was the largest group of its kind in the country. In addition to Emily Carr, its leading artists included Max Maynard, Jack Shadbolt and Ina Uhthoff..."