Public Art Advisory Committee


The Public Art Committee is an advisory body established to advise the Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission and Municipal Council on the implementation of the Public Art Policy for the District of Oak Bay.


The Committee’s purposes are to:

a) Provide expert community input and act as a resource to Municipal Council and staff on the District’s Public Art Policy.

b) Advise on strategies, policies and programs regarding the Public Art Program to achieve cultural partnerships and build awareness of the program throughout the community.

c) Propose and support activities, initiatives and events that benefit and advance art in the municipality.

d) Raise awareness and understanding of the importance of public art in the municipality.


The Committee’s objectives are to:

a) Develop a Public Art Strategy for the acquisition of Public Art to be brought to the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission annually for review.

b) Develop calls for artist proposals and select artwork for display and acquisition.

c) Prepare art selection for evaluation and review by the Public Art Inter-departmental Staff Team.

d) Advise and consult on specific issues, such as proposed gifts, donations, bequests, deaccessions and loans of artworks to the Municipal collection.

Current committee members

Public Art Committee:

  • Barbara Adams, Arts Laureate
  • Robert Amos
  • Alexa Andolong
  • Jane Evans
  • Patrcia Lortie
  • Jennifer McIntyre
  • Teresa Pryce

Committee Liaisons:

  • Councillor Hazel Braithwaite, Council Liaison (Councillor Tara Ney, Alternate)

Minutes from 2020 meetings

Minutes from 2019 meetings

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