Mayor's Task Force on Public Engagement

Mayor's Task Force on Public Engagement Seeks Input from Oak Bay Residents

Municipal services and decisions affect the daily lives of residents and business owners. Whether it be the investment in roads and parks, land-use decisions, or taxation and budgeting, many of the decisions made today will also impact the lives of future generations living in Oak Bay.  It’s important local government decisions are informed by the people they affect. 

From late April through May, the Mayor’s Task Force on Public Engagement will be “popping-up” at various locations around Oak Bay to hear from residents about what topics are of greatest interest to them and how they like to receive information and provide input to the District.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Complete the online survey  
Print surveys are also available at Oak Bay Municipal Hall.

In mid-June, a community workshop will be held to consider the input in detail, review the progress made to date, and generate ideas for the future. The experience of other communities is also being considered.

This information will help tailor any investments or staff time to the public engagement needs of Oak Bay residents.  The Engagement Toolkit developed from this project will support Council and staff to plan public engagement approaches and activities. The outcome, a public engagement framework, and toolkit are intended to help improve transparency of processes and develop quality communications to support meaningful engagement and effective decision-making.

Recommendations will be presented to Council in the coming months outlining priorities for public engagement and a toolkit for staff and Council to guide future engagement efforts to encourage greater public participation in District decision-making.