Parking Facts and Tips in Oak Bay

September 26, 2018

Are you visiting Oak Bay, expecting company, enjoying shopping, or going to be away on holidays? Don't get parking tickets, we can help!

If you can't find what you are looking for in our parking facts, please contact our friendly Commissionaire at 250-361-7789 or by email at for help.

  • Street Parking: Remember to watch for timed parking areas. If you stay longer than the sign you are eligible for a ticket. Don't be deemed continuously parked, click here for a cheat sheet on how to avoid tickets in timed parking zones:
  • Visitors: If your street is residential only or has a time zone, your guest should leave a note on the dashboard of their vehicle to let the parking commissionaire know that they're visiting your house. They must be present in your home while parked.
  • Residential Parking: Are you a resident with a time zone or a resident only sign on your street? Make sure to get a residential decal. For eligible zones parking decals can be obtained from the Oak Bay Municipal Hall at 2167 Oak Bay Avenue. Please make sure to bring along the insurance papers for your vehicle. Insurance papers must show your current address in Oak Bay.
  • 24 hour parking regulations: Parking your vehicle on the street for longer than 24 hours in the same location is prohibited
  • Blocking Driveways: Parking so that you block access to a driveway is prohibited under the bylaw... even for your own driveway! Emergency personnel may need to use the driveway to access residents in distress, so please make sure to leave the space clear.
  • Parking on a yellow line is a ticketable offence... even if only part of your vehicle is touching the line. So please be mindful of painted yellow markings when parking on the roadway.
  • Motor homes: If you are parking off your property to load or unload your motor home, give the Municipality a call at 250-598-3311. Unregulated parking of motor homes can cause safety issues and be subject to a fine