Elector Registration

2018 General Local Election
Saturday, October 20, 2018

For the 2018 General Local Election, the District of Oak Bay will be using the Provincial Voters List as the primary method of voter registration. Elections BC's Online Voter Registration allows you to make changes to an existing registration in event of a name or address change, or register as a new voter.

Please Note: Registrations, or changes to existing registrations, must be completed prior to August 16th in order to be inluded on the Voters List that will be used for the upcoming General Local Election.

If for any reason you are unable to register prior to the General Voting Day, you may register at the time of voting provided you are qualified to vote and present two valid identity documents.

To register at the time of voting:

Are you qualified to register to vote? On General Voting Day, October 20th 2018, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen;
  • Be age 18 or older;
  • Have been a resident of BC for the past 6 months;
  • Have been a resident of the jurisdiction for at least 30 days; and
  • Not be disqualified from voting.

Below are examples of valid identity documents:

  1. British Columbia Driver’s Licence,
  2. British Columbia Identification Card within the meaning of the Identification Card Regulation,
          -photo BC services card within the meaning of the Identification Card Regulation,
          -non-photo BC services card within the meaning of the Identification Card Regulation,
  3. Owner’s Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence issued by ICBC,
  4. British Columbia CareCard or British Columbia Gold CareCard,
  5. Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security Request for Continued Assistance Form SDES8,
  6. Social Insurance Number card issued by the government of Canada,
  7. Citizenship Card issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada,
  8. Real property tax notice issued under section 369 of the Local Government Act or section 21of theTaxation (Rural Area) Act,
  9. Credit card or debit card issued by a savings institution as defined in section 29 of the Interpretation Act, or
  10. Utility bill issued for the supply of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone services or coaxial cable services:
          -a public utility as defined in section 1 of the Utilities Commission Act,
          -a gas utility as defined in section 1 of the Gas Utility Act,
          -a water utility as defined in section 1 of the Water Act,
          -the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, or
          -a corporation licensed by the CRTC.


The above listed identification documents MUST be accepted by election officials. Sections 57(3) and 57.1(3) of the Local Government Act provide that other documents MAY be accepted at the discretion of the election official, such as a valid, current passport.



  • Subsection 5 – The function of Form SDES8 in now dealt with using “Monthly Form EA181;
  • Subsection 8 – Authority to issue property tax notices was moved to Section 237 of the Community Charter;

Under the Interpretation Act, these changes are legally effective without changing the text of the Regulation.

Should you have questions or require assistance preparing yourself for General Voting Day, please contact the Chief Election Officer or Deputy Chief Election Officer.