Campaign Financing

2018 General Local Election
Saturday, October 20, 2018

Purpose of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act

The Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA) regulates candidate and elector organization campaign financing, third party advertising sponsors and assent voting advertising sponsors.  It also regulates election advertising during the election proceedings period, and introduces a new role for Elections BC in local elections.  LECFA will be effective as of the 2018 General Local Election.

Information pertaining to LECFA can be found at the Elections BC website.

Role of Elections BC

All matters related to campaign financing are now the responsibility of Elections BC.  Under LECFA, Elections BC is now responsible for the oversight of all matters related to candidate and elector organization campaign financing, third party advertising sponsors, assent voting advertising sponsors, and election advertising during the election proceedings period.  This includes managing campaign financing disclosure requirements, investigations, and enforcement of provisions in relation to election advertising during the election proceedings period and campaign financing.

Provision of Information

It is the responsibility of Elections BC to educate candidates, elector organizations, third party advertising sponsors, and assent voting advertising sponsors on the campaign financing requirements in LECFA.  Inquiries and questions related to the provisions of LECFA should be directed to Elections BC who have a team of compliance specialists ready to answer questions.  

Contact Information for Elections BC
Mail: PO BOX 9275 Stn Prov Govt Victoria BC  V8W 9J6
Telephone: (250)387-5305
Toll Free: 1-855-952-0280
Fax: (250-387-3578)
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-466-0665

Elections BC has developed two Guides which are available both in print and on their website at the following links:

Please visit Elections BC's Resources page for additional campaign financing information, guidelines, and forms.

Disclosure Statements

All disclosure statement forms for local elections candidates, elector organizations, campaign organizers and third party sponsors, as well as information guides on how to successfully complete the forms, are available on the Elections BC website.

Participants must file disclosure statements with Elections BC (NOT the Oak Bay Municipal Hall)  by 4:30 p.m. on January 18, 2019.  The forms can be filled out online using Adobe Reader and emailed to Elections BC or they can be downloaded, faxed, or scanned and emailed to Elections BC.  A cover page for each participant must be signed before the forms are submitted.

Hard copies of forms and guides are mailed to candidates and elector organizations after Elections BC receives the relevant information from local election officials.  Third party sponsors are mailed their forms and guides after registering directly with Elections BC.

Elections BC must make the disclosure statements including amendments and supplementary reports available for at least five years after the General Voting Day on the Elections BC website, and by having a copy of the statement or report available for public inspection at the Elections BC office during regular office hours.