Deadline extended for applications on Oak Bay's volunteer boards and committees

March 13, 2015

VOLUNTEER BOARD AND COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS - Application deadline extended to March 18, 2015

Oak Bay Municipal Council welcomes expressions of interest from residents who wish to volunteer their time as members of the following Council appointed boards and committees, for which upcoming vacancies are anticipated.

Appointments are typically for terms of one or two years each and may be renewed for additional terms.

Advisory Design Panel - Allan Cassidy Recognition of Renovation and Achievement Awards

The Advisory Design Panel serves as an advisory body to Council to review and make recommendations on the design merits of select development proposals. The Panel also adjudicates the Allan Cassidy Recognition of Renovation and Achievement Awards. These awards are presented to property owners in appreciation and recognition of notable new buildings or renovations in the District of Oak Bay. Specific representatives are appointed to the Panel to assist in award adjudication and these representatives then attend only those meetings where their input is relevant to the awards.

Current vacancies, with respect to the awards, are anticipated on the Panel for members at large and for a representative from the arts community.

Heritage Commission

The primary role of this Commission is promoting the architectural and cultural history that constitutes the heritage of the District of Oak Bay.  The Commission is also responsible for creating and maintaining inventories of real property of heritage significance to Oak Bay as well as making recommendations with respect to the content of the Community Heritage Register. 

Membership requires energy and, on occasion, a willingness to undertake work outside of regular meetings.  Members of the Commission may also serve on the Heritage Foundation.

Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation seeks persons interested in serving as volunteer directors.  The goals of the Foundation are to promote the preservation, maintenance and restoration of buildings, structures and land in the District of Oak Bay which have been designated as municipal heritage sites, or added to the Community Heritage Register, by Municipal Council.  As a registered society, the Foundation raises and disburses funds in this regard. 

Persons who have an interest in architecture, heritage buildings or a good appreciation of heritage matters are encouraged to apply.

Oak Bay Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee is a body comprised of at least eight persons who are responsible for developing projects and programs related to tourism marketing within the Municipality.  Funding for the activities of the Committee is provided by means of a Hotel tax authorized by the Province of British Columbia.

Desirable qualifications for the Committee include experience with finance/accounting, destination development and/or marketing.

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Commission is a nine member body responsible for overseeing recreation programs and parks within the Municipality, and providing policy direction to a professional management staff. 

A demonstrated interest in community service, plus an appreciation of the financial and operational complexities of parks and recreation management would be desirable qualifications.

Wall of Fame Selection Committee

The role of this Committee is to select individuals to be recognized for the Wall of Fame Community Recognition Initiative which has been established as a means to honour individuals who have been instrumental in the development of Oak Bay’s parks, facilities and programs and who have exercised extraordinary commitment and voluntary service to the community.

Please refer to the Oak Bay Municipal website at for further information on volunteer boards and committees.

Residents interested in serving on the above noted boards and committees should submit corresondence to Maura Jones, Deputy Municipal Clerk, including any pertinent information that may assist Council in making the appointments, by noon on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.