2018 General Location Election Official Results

October 23, 2018

2018 Oak Bay General Local Election Results

October 23, 2018

Media Release

For immediate release

Oak Bay, BC – As of 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, October 23, Kevin Murdoch has been declared elected as Mayor and Hazel Braithwaite, Tara Ney, Cairine Green, Eric Zhelka, Andrew Appleton and Esther Paterson have been declared elected as Councillors for a term of four years at the District of Oak Bay.

All mail ballots, special voting opportunities, advance voting and general voting day ballots have been processed and accounted for in the official results. Detailed information can be found in the Statement of Votes Cast and the Results Per Precinct reports. 

Results for Office of Mayor

  • Murdoch, Kevin – 5,042
  • Jensen, Nils – 2,138

Results for Office of Councillor

  • Braithwaite, Hazel – 5,149
  • Ney, Tara – 4,001
  • Green, Cairine – 3,871
  • Zhelka, Eric – 3,754
  • Appleton, Andrew – 3,707
  • Paterson, Esther – 3,688
  • Stinson, Andrew – 3,290
  • Lee, Isabella – 2,467
  • Brakhage, Anton – 746
  • Telfer, Ronald - 563

“On behalf of the District of Oak Bay I am pleased to extend my congratulations to the newly elected officials” said Chief Election Officer Deb Hopkins. "I would like to thank all of the candidates who participated in the process and to recognize the many Oak Bay community members who cast ballots in the 2018 General Local Election".

Additional information

  • The Inaugural Council meeting is scheduled to be held on Monday, November 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Oak Bay  Municipal Hall, 2167 Oak Bay Avenue
  • 7,232 ballots were cast representing 51 per cent voter turnout
  • The Local Government Act and Local Campaign Financing Act sets rules and procedures for the quadrennial local government elections

More information
For more information, please visit oakbay.ca/elections.

Media contact
Deb Hopkins
Chief Election Officer and Deputy Director of Corporate Services