Municipal Hall Renovation

Updated September 28, 2021

The Municipal Hall renovation is now complete and the Hall is open for residents between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.  District staff can also be contacted by the following means:


Why a Municipal Hall renovation? 

The District of Oak Bay Municipal Hall was originally built in 1958, with only minimal upgrades undertaken until 2019.  According to the 2016 Building Asset Management Plan, Municipal Hall is one of 29 municipal buildings determined to have extensive building deficiencies with regards to systems, envelope, functionality and spatial layout.  In addition, furniture and workstations are well beyond their life expectancy, with most furnishings 20 to 30 years of age or older.  While the 2016 Building Asset Management Plan recommends a new Municipal Hall, Council is prioritizing the replacement of other infrastructure and assets in the next five years.  As such, and in order to sustain current levels of service from Municipal Hall, renovations are required in the short-term to address decades of deferred maintenance.   

Why now? 

  • It’s overdue – the 2016 Building Asset Management Plan identified the need for building sustainment costs in the amount of approximately $1.5 - $1.8 million of critical/recommended maintenance in the first five years (2016-2021) which hasn’t been undertaken.   
  • There are health and safety concerns associated with the aged and unmaintained building. 
  • Providing the Oak Bay Volunteer Society with their own accessible space in Monterey Recreation Centre will allow for the creation of more adequate meeting and office space in Municipal Hall. 
  • Currently, due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, Municipal Hall is operating with reduced staffing levels and restricted public access to the building. This situation allows the District to complete the renovation with minimal impacts to usual business operations.  
  • The District’s ability to provide face-to-face customer service in the time of a pandemic will be greatly improved post-renovation. 

What has been completed this year? 

May 2020 

  • Project scope and budget approved in the District’s 2020-2024 Financial Plan 

May 27, 2020 

  • Request for Proposal Process (RFP) initiated to select an Architectural Design Consultant to develop detailed designs and tender packages for the RFP process  

June 2020 

  • Bid evaluation of Architectural Design Consultant and project kickoff 

October 2020 

  • Detailed designs of Municipal Hall and Granite Room (Monterey Centre) completed 

November 16, 2020 

  • Invitation to Bid (Tender) posted in order to obtain a general construction contractor for renovations

December 2020
  • Evaluation of tenders and development of contract award recommendation

January 14, 2021 

End January - February 2021
  • Preparations in progress for temporary work spaces, move management and start of the construction project. 
End February - Early March 2021
  • Expected beginning of construction phase of the Municipal Hall/Granite Room renovation (barring any delays due to pandemic-related Provincial Health Orders)
March 2021 - July 2021
  • Construction phase of the Municipal Hall/Granite Room renovation
August 2021
  • Recover to normal operations - renovation project substantially complete

What’s next...? 

October 2021 

  • Staff are preparing a project closeout report for Council review **(This is where the District is in the current process)**


What was completed in the first phase of the Municipal Hall renovation? 

In 2019, with an eye to extending building life for another 10-15 years, Council approved Phase 1 of the Municipal Hall renovations for a total cost of $321,000.  The following renovations were undertaken: 

  • Undertook roof repairs  
  • Completed exterior painting  
  • Completed renovations to lobby and Council Chambers: 
  • interior painting to enable cleaning (last painted in the mid 1980’s) 
  • partial carpet replacement (the Occupational Health & Safety Committee has identified the carpet condition as a hazard – tripping and inability for cleaning) 
  • Removed asbestos and undertook remediation 
  • Upgraded electrical (previously, lights were turned on and off by the breaker panel) 
  • Rebuilt boiler (originally installed in 1991) 
  • Repaired electronic furnace controls 
  • Repaired air handling system  

What is in scope for the second phase of the renovation? 

Council in 2020 approved Phase 2 of the renovations with a budget of approximately $1.3 million to include: 

  • Replacing interior and exterior doors 
  • Upgrading the fire alarm system 
  • Replacing flooring 
  • Painting remainder of building interior 
  • Constructing interior spatial improvements 
  • Replacing furniture that is beyond its useful life 
  • Completing electrical upgrades 
  • Relocation of Oak Bay Volunteer Society to Monterey Recreation Centre 


For more information on the project please contact: 
Dan Horan, Director of Engineering & Public Works 
(250) 598-3311