Cadboro Bay Road Bike Lanes

Building bike lanes on Cadboro Bay Road from Foul Bay Road to Bowker Avenue is one of Oak Bay Council’s Strategic Priorities.  Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan (OCP) captures the District’s intent to develop pedestrian and cycling networks that connect with multi-modal transportation systems within Oak Bay and with our neighbouring communities.  The Capital Regional District’s Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan (PCMP), published in March 2011, also describes the vision for Cadboro Bay Road, designating the street as a “separated on-street” bike facility route.

The District engaged Opus International Consultants (Canada) Limited to complete the Cadboro Bay Road Bike Lane Cycle Feasibility Study, which included analysis of options for the Foul Bay to Bee Street area, and options for bike lanes from Bee Street to Bowker.  Residents seeking a greater understanding of the background, assumptions, decision criteria, and other factors regarding the options for bike lanes in this corridor are highly encouraged to read the Feasibility Study.

Unfortunately, the Feasibility Study points out that the road width along Cadboro Bay Road in this area is too narrow to provide the desired all-ages and all-access criteria.  Further options were developed and are recommended that provide as good a solution as possible considering the constraints of road width.

Proposed Design Options

Option 1:  Curbside Cycle Lanes on Both Sides of Road, Partially Protected Cycle Lane on North Side

Detailed Design Drawings - Option 1

Cross Section Drawings - Option 1

Option 2:  Curbside Cycle Lanes on South Side of Road, Cycle Lane Outside of Curbside Parking on North Side

Detailed Design Drawings - Option 2

Cross Section Drawings - Option 2

Options Analysis - Decision Making Factors Table (updated October 11, 2017)

Planned Timeline

Public Feedback Site Available – 18 September 2017

Letters to Residents & Business Owners Sent – 18 September 2017

Public Feedback Period – 18 September – 13 October 2017

Committee of the Whole – 16 October 2017 (Note: This meeting will be open to the public, beginning at 7pm.  Agenda to be published on October 13th, available here.

Project Update - May 8, 2018

On October 23, 2017, Council adoped the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole, namely "...that it be recommended to Council that the District move forward with Option 2 for the Cadboro Bay Bike Lanes and that staff come forward with further detail in this regard to a future meeting."  That means that a buffered bicycle lane was selected as Council's preferred option for bicycle lanes on Cadboro Bay Road, and that staff have been directed to return to the Committee of the Whole with further information regarding alternatives within option 2, particularly related to expected project costs due to green conflict zone treatment and road asphalt rehabilitation.

On March 26, 2018, Council adopted the recommendation of the Commitee of the Whole (of March 19, 2018) that final approval of the project be referred to the Estimates Committee.  The report related to this issue can be found here.

Council approved the Cadboro Bay Bike Lanes project for 2018.  The intent is to construct the lanes in summer of 2018.  Further communication regarding plans and schedule for the construction to follow shortly.

Other Project Impacts

Residents seeking information about the latest plans for an intersection upgrade at Cadboro Bay Road and Bowker Avenue can look at the 2009 Bunt & Associates Report - Intersection Review.  Though not yet approved by Council through the budget & capital planning process, the District is in the planning stages to implement upgrades to the intersection that match those described at Option 2 in the Bunt & Associates Report - Intersection Review.

How Residents Can Participate

Though the initial public feedback period is now completed, residents and business owners are still highly encouraged to provide feedback as the project progresses.  As major decision points for Council occur, staff will ensure that public feedback via formal correspondence continuse to be provided so that Council can consider all of the input received from the public.

Project point of contact: Richard Ding, P.Eng


Phone: 250-598-3311

Last updated - May 8, 2018.